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Beat Thang New Dope Sounds

Author: big roc  //  Category: Beat Thang Drum Machine

New Sounds For Maschine,MPC, BT/BTV,FLStudio, ETC. Click Link To Purchase Any Dope Sound Products On FaceBook!">Beat thang drum machine now has new sounds and new sound modules for beat making and rap beat production.  Make your beat sound bigger and stronger with the new improved samples and drum sounds for the beat thang drum machine.


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11 Responses to “Beat Thang New Dope Sounds”

  1. KangBoomBAP Says:

    Thanks for Your Support! Visit the Store link in the description box to grab the DSP Vol 1 Sound Package. I will provide a few tips and tricks upon shipping the 500 sounds. :-)

  2. djizzle407 Says:

    I do support check da page but I wanna buy your sound package

  3. KangBoomBAP Says:

    @djizzle407 Hehee… Cant tell my secrets without support, my boy. You should visit and like the Dope Sound Store on Facebook. Choose something you like and support the Creator of All Thangz dealing with beat kangz and I in return will provide you with tips not many on planet know about.

  4. djizzle407 Says:

    What’s a secret my boy I got the beat thang holla at me

  5. KangBoomBAP Says:

    There are secrets to this THANG… that only 2 Ppl on planet earth know about. I am ONE of the two. :-) wanna know some thang cool? Hit Me Up

  6. KangBoomBAP Says:

    if you got sounds you want me to configure for BT.. hit me up. If you want more kits and instruments… hit me up. If you like synths, drums, efx and exotic instruments.. hit Me up. Check the description Box for the Store to get whatcha need #DopeSoundBeatKang

  7. djizzle407 Says:

    It would be nice if I could just grab a sound that I have and maybe have a option to either auto keyspan with gate or to go through and do it the way it’s setup now I just find it a little time consuming making kits and I instruments sometimes but I love my beat thang I take it every where I go just a suggestion doe

  8. KangBoomBAP Says:

    I appreciate That ( i did the Kits and Inst and Sound Design)… The Paqs configure new Kits/Insts From the 3000 sounds. But I got 500 More Dope Sounds The Kangz Dont Have. Hit Up the link in the description box. Thanks For Your Support!

  9. finestcity Says:

    Just picked up mY Beat Thang today! It Has al lot of bangin’ sounds just out the box all ready. Still I can’t wait to get the new kits!!!

  10. djizzle407 Says:

    Das what it is homie I got my beat thang pumpin I gotta get my hands on da kits

  11. avj171 Says:

    im def gonna support you man !!!!!!!!!!!!

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