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Choosing the right">beat maker for professional beat making

Did you know that it is now possible to create professional beats from the comfort of your own home?

Not only is it possible but many people around the world are doing it and making a living.

They’re not just making professional sounding beats at home; they’re also selling them on the internet to make themselves some extra money. Ten years ago this wouldn’t have been possible; you’d need a room for of equipment and thousands of dollars invested to even think about making professional beats but beat making software has come such a long way you can now be a success.

With so many different beat makers on the market you need to make sure you choose one with the right features if you want to make professional beats.

Output must be high quality

The industry standard quality for beats is 16.1 stereo WAV. Many beat makers today don’t output this type of file and instead hold samples held in MP3 format.

In The Studio Making Beats

M-Audio iDrum

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  • Work with a huge library of drum sounds and patterns
  • Completely skinnable – you can even change skins on the fly
  • Drag-and-drop WAV or AIFF files to an iDrum channel, or to the Desktop for instant MIDI ceation
  • Easy drum pattern creation – Enter stes with a mouse and record with the MIDI controller
  • Trigger drum sounds from MIDI notes

Product Description
iDrum adds the missing ingredient to your Mac-based recording studio. It’s a fully-programmable drum machine that integrates seamlessly with GarageBand, Logic, Digital Performer, Live 4 and other popular applications. Run it alone as a standalone application or as a plug-in. Create drum patterns alongside your existing tracks in perfect time, all the time. Use iDrum as the backbeat for new tracks, or add hundreds of pre-programmed rhythms in your compositions. Tw… More >>

M-Audio iDrum

Akai MPC 500 MIDI Production System Sampler

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  • 32-voice drum/phrase sampler with up to 128MB RAM
  • Pattern-based 48-track sequencer with 16 MIDI channels
  • Velocity and pressure sensitive pads for responsive, accurate programming
  • 4-way sample layering and velocity switching per pad
  • Battery powered (6 AA’s) or AC powered (with included power adaptor)

Product Description
The MPC500 is the first truly portable all-in-one Music Production Center, affording artists the ability to sample and create music on-the-go. Whether you travel around the globe or across town, the MPC500 is the ultimate answer to your mobile production needs. The MPC500 is fully compatible with the legendary MPC line, which means you can use the MPC500′s built-in battery and drop your mixes back into your MPC2500 when you get back into the studio. The MPC500 co… More >>

Akai MPC 500 MIDI Production System Sampler

Revealed! Sonic Producer Trial – Make Rap And Hip Hop Beats Like A Pro! Free Preview

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One of the best">beat makers that does output high quality beats is Dr Drum. It has an extensive library of high quality WAV samples and also outputs the master in 16.1 WAV.

This means that you don’t lose any data to compression and your beats are produced to the same standard of quality that all the professional producers use.

This is a great step towards creating professional beats that you can sell for a living. First though you’ve got to get creating, check out Dr Drum now.

All of these are features you’d expect to find in software costing $500+ but as I mentioned at the start of this article price is not always the best indicator of quality. Dr Drum is available for under $40 and requires no extra equipment or specialist knowledge so you can get started creating your professional beats right away.

Available for both PC and Mac it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so giving it a try is risk-free.



Revealed! Sonic Producer Trial – Make Rap And Hip Hop Beats Like A Pro! Free Preview
If you want to make beats like a pro now you can with ease! Free preview

Read more on OfficialWire

MPC5000 – Beat Making Tutorials

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The Akai Mpc5000 is certainly hands down the best MPC I’ve ever used. Not only because of it’s large sum of capabilities,but because of it’s fast workflow.

The OS 2.0 brought the Mpc5000 a large number of shortcuts to increase workflow and many brand-new capabilities as well. The MPC 5000 with its heart is just like a Mpc2500 at it’s heart ,however on mega-juice!

Today i want to begin with all the benefits NO other MPC up to now has ever possessed.

The MPC 5000 has a on the machine Synth as well as an Arpeggiator.

The 3-oscillator virtual analog synth engine is a fantastic audition and you can definitely establish some great custom synth sounds tweaking around along with LFOs and such. The Arpeggiator are available on both the Synthesizer in addition to the sounds loaded to pads. It’s very useful to say the least.

The Mpc 5000 is also the



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Although there are tons of free">beat making software available but we found that most of them are difficult to use, most do NOT save as to mp3, the quality is really bad and most if not all of them have cheesy beats that sound computerized.
Have you been looking for a high quality beats software that is easy to use and inexpensive? Now you can learn from our mistakes and avoid spending countless hours of researching and testing beat software just to find out it’s not what your looking for. Don’t waste your time with low quality, difficult to use software when software like Sonic Producer is available for instant download.

Click here! Beat Maker – How to Make Your Own Beats with this Music Producer Software Watch how quick it is to make beats with sonicproducer. Works on Mac too! Learn how to make professional beats using the new, cutting edge software Sonic…

Music Production and Beat Maker Software – Produce Hip Hop, Rap, Loops and More

Author: big roc  //  Category: Beat Software">Sonic Producer is recommended by some of the hottest and top producers in the music industry.
We Compared Beat Programs of 2009 and Sonic Producer is Our Top Pick!

Sonic Producer Review

We have to admit, at first we were skeptical about Sonic Producer but the first time we used it we were simply blown away! This killer software will enable you to become a top producer, sell your beats or simply freestyle some fresh lyrics with professional sounds and beats.

Thinking of getting signed to a label? Well, it’s starts here. You need to have the ability to create your own beats and now with this software it has never been any easier. With high quality studio sound, you will sound like a pro cranking out some killer beats and tracks that will blow music companies away!

So there has to be a catch right? That’s what we thought but we were not able to find one and it gets even better, we also really enjoyed the fact that you can create unlimited beats and have the ability to save as an mp3! Simply incredible!

Go to to download this beat machine. This music maker software is an awesome way to create your own music. You own all the copyrights and royalties for the music you create using this software. Make your own music and be a star. You can also mix the music. No need to buy beats anymore. All the beats and music produced using this software are absolutely free and you can even sell it. Start making music online and be the next star.

Making Music Make Money: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Music Publisher

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  • 272 Pages
  • Published by Berklee Press
  • Softcover

Product Description
Making Music Make Money will educate songwriters and aspiring music business entrepreneurs in the basics of becoming an effective independent music publisher. Eric Beall, creative director for Zomba Music Publishing, covers everything you need to know to get published, including: the role of a music publisher; copyright – how to get one, use one, and make money from one; building a business plan; identifying which songs to sell and to whom; and much more…. More >>

Making Music Make Money: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Music Publisher

Beat Thang Virtual – Nadir’s First Time

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When multi-Grammy Award winning producer Dallas Austin decided to introduce a portable">beat maker and groovebox–artists, producers and DJs around the world took notice.
Austin, made his industry bones first with LaFace Records then moved on to produce hits worldwide for TLC, Pink, Gewn Stefani and Boys II Men among others.
A collaborative effort between Rowdy Electronics (Austin’s company) and Beat Kangz Electronics, Beat Thang is a powerful, self-contained and light weight beat maker, groovebox and music production device designed with Hip Hop artists, DJs, rappers and producers, both novice and professional, in mind.
The first ever beat maker and groovebox designed to specifically produce Hip Hop beats, this music machine has a monstrous 3,000 plus original sounds, beats, loops and 65 digital effects programmed in; so, when you first pull it out of the box, you have professionally mastered, radio ready tools right at your fingertips. This alone blows away would be competitors like Roland’s MV-8800 or the Akai’s MPC-5000.
But there is more to the Beat Thang than just a beat maker:
· As a groovebox, Beat Thang’s sounds, beats and loops can be manipulated so you can build on what you have been given and make music like the pros do.

Introducing the new Beat Thang Virtual from Beat Kangz Electronics. This vid shows Nadir playing with the Virtual Thang for the very first time. Beat Thang Virtual will be on sale July 17 at

Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings

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  • 308 Pages
  • Published by Hal Leonard
  • Softcover

Product Description
You may not have heard of them, but you have certainly heard their songs! From the lo-fidelity origins of early pioneers to today’s dazzling technocrats, the role of the music producer is as murkily undefined as it is wholly essential. Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings is an exploration of the influence of the often colorful, idiosyncratic, and visionary music producers through popular music and the fascinatingly crucial role the… More >>

Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings